Toon Eppink

Guitars & Vocals


Almelo - The Netherlands

Favourite Status Quo song
Ahum! May I name a hundred? What kind of question is this ?!

Favourite Status Quo album
Whatever You Want

First Status Quo experience
Hold You Back on a tennisracket

First Status Quo concert
1982. Groenoordhallen, Leiden - The Netherlands

Why are you in Status Quotes?
I discovered Status Quo through some of the older guys and girls in the neighbourhood where I grew up back in the 70's. That was when I was about 7 years old, and it's got a hold of me ever since. I really grew up with Quo and played all their records over and over, and still do. Status Quo is deep in my heart! I met Ray at a Quo concert in Leuven, Belgium in 1991. We both recognized that we were from the same area, as we spoke the same dialect. Later in turned out that we both were serious about playing guitar, and we both became professional musicians. In the many years to follow we ran in to eachother many times at Quo concerts, and on different occasions in the Dutch music scene. Plans to form a Status Quo tribute band have been around for a long time, and everytime we met we used to talk about it. But every single time talk was all we did.....Until 2014, when we finally decided it was about time to go for it! I really love playing all these wonderful songs with such dedicated musicians. We all are fans, so the Quo repertoire holds no secrets for us. Because of this we are able  play songs at rehearsels just for the heck of it, and those songs than later turn up in the setlist. This is very satisfying to me, and this is why the setlist exists of  nearly 100 songs already. On we go!