Ray Nijenhuis

Guitars & Vocals



Hengelo - The Netherlands

Favourite Status Quo album

Favourite Status Quo song
Is It Really me/Gotta Go Home (live version 1973)

First Status Quo experience
Down Down on Dutch television show called TopPop

First Status Quo concert
Zwolle, IJsselhal 18-2-1979

Why are you in Status Quotes?
What's deep inside of you needs to get out somehow. As a 7 year old I was captured by the sound and drive of the four Quo-men and it never went away. When Toon and I met in 1991 at a Quo concert in Belgium, we said to eachother; we should start a band one time and play all these Quo classics the way that they used to do themselves; telecasters, tube amplifiers, 3-part harmony vocals. That sound, that groove, that energy..... After seeing the original Quo line-up during the Frantic Four reunion tours there was no holding us back. THAT sound. THAT was it! THAT was what we had been missing all those years! THAT was what we were gonna do. And THAT became Status Quotes!